OUR Strategic Solutions


Organizations today are perpetually changing in order to stay ahead of their competition. MMGoldberg Recruiting Solutions can assess and provide solutions to your overall talent needs. Below are the services we offer.


Recruiting and Retention Strategy Assessment

Having a long-term plan behind your day-to-day activities is critical.  MMGoldberg Recruiting Solutions will:

STEP 1: Determine the gaps by conducting an audit to review your current strategy, processes, recruiting tools, technology, and resources by speaking with hiring managers, newly hired candidates, recruiters, and executives.

STEP 2: Provide recommendations through a recruitment roadmap ensuring it aligns with your strategy and culture.

STEP 3: Roll out of recommendations based on what your organization needs.

Human Resources and Recruiting Advisory Solutions

Let’s face it - Human Resources and Recruiting Leaders are being ask to take on a lot of responsibilities. When it comes to managing a team, there is a lot you may be given to do, but do not know where to start or how to present to executives.

That is where Michael Goldberg comes in. Michael has coached hundreds of people across his 20 plus years of related experience on not only how to be a better manager, but also building strategic partnerships with your internal customers, creating and justifying business needs for resources, technologies, and tool, and assisting in change management.

Give Michael a call to discuss his advisory solutions to help improve YOU.



Recruiter and Hiring Manager Training

MMGoldberg Recruiting Solutions will provide either online or face-to-face training to your recruiters on a variety of topics ranging from how to be an effective recruiting partner with the business to closing the deal with candidates. Michael has trained over 1500 recruiters and recruiting leaders across the country and has helped them grow professionally.

Hiring managers believe they know how to recruit, but, often, stories emerge about fantastic candidates who got away or who had to wait 30 minutes before the manager showed up. There are also quite a few managers who become hesitant in their hiring due to prior bad decisions. MMGoldberg Recruiting Solutions will take your hiring managers and executives through either a one or two-day training covering all topics to ensure your managers are very confident in their hiring decisions.

Recruiting Tools and Technology

There are so many tools in the tech stack these days that companies become overwhelmed or focus on the “hot” technologies. This solution also includes creating job competencies, improved job postings, and interview/hiring guides for management. MMGoldberg Recruiting Solutions will take the time to not only understand the related needs, but also identify the right tools and technology that fit you current and future hiring needs. We set up the demo calls, build out technology assessment forms, and we will help create the presentation you will provide your HR Leadership Team.


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Recruitment Process Review and Recommendations for All Levels of Positions

Recruiting Processes are a key ingredient to reducing time to fill and cost per hire. Most companies have an official processes, but, often, their recruiters nonetheless operate in their own fashion. MMGoldberg Recruiting Solutions, as a part of our recruitment audit, will make recommendations to streamline your methodology as well as sync your tools, programs, and technology to the revised procedure. One of the final products will be a Recruiter Playbook that will help document all of your processes for recruiters to use as a resource. Our team has successfully helped many organizations attract more qualified talent, engage candidates differently, and effectively recruit talent – thereby saving our clients money.

Talent Attraction Programs – Branding, Referral Program, Diversity, Military & Campus Recruiting

Whether you are building an Employee Referral Program from scratch or you need help rebooting a stale branding campaign, MMGoldberg Recruiting Solutions will review your growth strategy over the next year, 3 year and 5 year and recommend talent attraction programs that will align with the overall approach to recruiting as well as the organization’s culture. We have designed effective programs for all sizes of organizations with positive results.

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