3 Absolute Reasons to Track Internal Mobility

In todays market for top talent, you should be considering internal movement within your organization. Suprisingly, not a lot of companies look internally. Here are some keys on how internal mobility can benefit your company.

Removing Your Addiction to Job NOT Easy but Possible

I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am about job board companies. I had a conversation with one of our job board vendors (ends in ER but can't say who) today where the salesperson just didn’t listen and wanted to charge me more money for brand wraps that have not changed in the last year. Furthermore this is the 5th account rep with that one company I have been given in the last 5 years.  I AM DONE!  I am at a turning point and need to make a tough decision about whether or not to keep them.

The is all about the money to them.  They say they care about driving candidates to your site, but I can use many a free resources versus paying serious money that yields poor ROI and a Source Ranking of 9th.

Our company has been very dependent on job boards for the last 10 years and we have spent a large chunk of money with below average results.  As we enter our new fiscal year in July, I have cut my job board spend with one vendor in particular by 65%.  My boss challenged me when I said I was cutting my job board spend.  “Be careful,” she said, “If you don’t have the candidates then our service levels go down.  “It is a source of candidate flow.”  My reply, “It is a source of candidate flow, but the candidate quality is poor.  We have many other options and we will not let the quality or service levels drop because we are cutting back on the number of postings purchased”.

That feeling.png

Too many companies still depend on job boards to bring candidates in through post and pray methodology.   Why?  Recruiting organizations can lean on the excuse that they have not presented candidates because not enough have applied and the ones who have applied are not qualified.  Surprised?  I am not.  I have seen the trend downward the last 5 years.

Bottom line...Recruiters are addicted to Job Boards as a source for candidates.

I am excited because I get to take that spend and push towards building Talent Networks, a CRM tool, training and development for my recruiters around sharpening their sourcing skills. Am I nervous?  Yes, but in a positive way as I take a chance to rely on the creation of microsites,, SimplyHired instead of using job boards to drive candidate flow.

Bad news job boards, I plan to cut another 20% by next fiscal year taking that money to invest in social, mobile and candidate engagement.  I am no longer addicted to the fix of candidate quantity.  Our focus is quality and my team knows how to find A-Level candidates.

Are you ready to cut back your job board spend?  You should be because your ROI on post and pray is very poor and your leaders are concerned because you are wasting the company’s money.

Let me know if you have cut back and how your company did!!

Michael Goldberg, the Recruiting Concierge, has 15 years of recruiting leadership and difference-making with $1B organizations across the United States. Reach out to Michael should your team need help in finding more economic ways to attract talent.

Taking the Leap of a Lifetime

Boy on High Dive by Norman Rockwell

Boy on High Dive by Norman Rockwell

Does the picture above look familiar?  Do you remember as a kid climbing up the first time climbing ladder to the high dive? That feeling when you reach the top, and you start walking very intrepidly to the end of the board? Do I jump into the pool 10-15 ft below and enjoy the thrill of landing in the pool or do I go back to the ladder to climb back down where I will be safe?

After spending the last 20 years in HR and Talent Acquisition, I have decided to leap into the pool from the high dive.  Am I nervous and scared?  Yes.  Am I afraid I will not be successful? A little. No, a lot.  However, that is OK. The fear of the unknown motivates me to grow a business with a positive impact on organizations. Fear is a funny feeling – it is actually exciting, out of the ordinary, skies the limit and so on. I am ready.

I’m Taking the Leap. The unknown for me is …starting my executive search and recruitment consulting organization called merely MMGoldberg.  Nothing fancy, just me.  The reason – there is a considerable need to improve the skills of current corporate recruiters who still take the post and pray, paper pushing, order taking approach (not all but quite a few).  The "aha moment" came when I worked for my previous employer as a consultant. My clients were too dependent on their ATS and had no idea where or how to begin to be strategic.  Once I sat down with them and discussed how to be proactive versus reactive in their strategies, I found that they were less dependent on their systems to produce candidates.

Could I go back to Corporate Recruiting?  Absolutely.  However, the more I spoke with my peers and friends about the idea of starting my own business, the more excited I became.  I also wanted to break out of my comfort zone of focusing more on sales, working with all sizes of organizations and the desire to make an impactful change with those organizations.

My mission: To shake up the status quo currently existing in recruiting departments and turn them into producers and business partners with the organizations they serve.

I have added another moniker along with @Superrecruiter –   The Recruiting Concierge.  Concierge, you ask aren't those the people who are in hotels?  Yes, they are.  Most of you probably do not know I was with Marriott Hotels before I decided to jump into HR and to recruit.  I was always in the business of helping my guests by serving in Front Office Operations. My dream is to own my set luxury hotel somewhere in the Caribbean.  While I cannot do that now (I heard you need money and investors for that), I want to offer the following recruitment-focused concierge services to my clients.

Retained Search for Operational Leadership (Manager Level up to COO) for Distribution, Logistics  and Manufacturing organizations across the United States

Provide independent sourcing and contract recruiting services to organizations who need additional assistance

Provide recruitment related Training, Coaching, and Consulting to Talent Acquisition Departments and their leaders to ensure their success in all aspects of recruiting, sourcing, process/workflow, building partnerships and measuring results

Mark Twain said it best, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”  As I stand at the end of the diving board, my right foot in front of me… I leap forward offering lessons I have learned and providing value to those who need me and will make a big splash.

Help spread the word, share this announcement with your networks, check out my site and please feel free to contact me for any advice/questions and of course, referrals who may need my assistance.  Off the board I go!

high-dive jump.png


About Michael Goldberg:  Michael is an experienced Talent Acquisition Leader with recruiting experience in Operations, Logistics, Distribution, Non-profit, Sales, and Event Management.  He has worked for several $1B organizations turning their departments to highly functioning recruiting teams. Contact Michael at